The Ultimate Guide Tea And Dental Teeth Health Benefits


Tea is often misunderstood as a drink that is bad for your dental health as it can stain teeth. However, this problem is easily solved by having the right teeth brushing habits and switching to teas that contain less tannins such as Chinese white, oolong and green tea.

What most people don’t know is that tea can actually be one of the best beverage options available for your oral and dental health. If you regularly drink tea you’ll enjoy many tea health benefits. Below we have listed the benefits that are related to oral health.

 Teeth erosion

General Dentistry, the clinical, peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, reports that effect of tea on tooth enamel was similar to water, meaning that there is no erosive effect. The research shows that drinking brewed teas results in less enamel loss than soft drinks and fruit juices. Other studies also suggest that drinking 3 cups a day would even prevent against cavities.

What’s noteworthy is that loose tea also contains a little amount of natural fluoride, which prevents tooth decay. It basically works by mixing with saliva, and thereby disrupting the bacteria’s potential to create acid that promote cavities. Moreover, fluoride even works to repair teeth in the beginning stages of decay.


Natural antioxidant compounds called catechins in tea also prevents oral gum problems such as bleeding or receding gums. A study published by the Journal of Periodontology reports that men who drank at least 1 cup of tea a day experienced improvement in gum recession and bleeding. The study suggests that the improvement was caused by catechins in Chinese green tea that reduced the inflammation from oral bacteria. Another positive side effect is that this in turn helps to fight bad breath (when drinking 3-4 cups a day).

Fight bacteria, but no sugar

This should be common knowledge, but it really can’t hurt to mention it again: Do not add sugar to your tea, if you care about your oral health.

If you review existing studies you find that Chinese tea helps to combat 2 bacteria’s that are associated with tooth decay and gum bleeding: Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus. However, when you add sugar in your tea, the bacteria in your mouth will turn it into acids that eat away tooth tissue and irritate your gums. All the benefits of drinking tea will be cancelled out when sugar is added.

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Alternative to Floss – Water Flossers

There are many individuals who have issues while using dental floss. If you want to read reviews of best rated water flossers and oral irrigators, visit Flossophy 101. Cleaning between your teeth once or twice every day is very important because in that way you avoid problems with your gums, but dental floss is not easy to use. There are different options for dental floss and water flossers are one of them.

Regarding the health of your teeth, flossing is very important. According to American Health Association, less than 20 % of people use dental floss regularly. But, tooth brushing alone is not enough to keep your teeth completely clean. Tooth brush can not reach to the area between teeth and gum line, and this is a reason why flossing is important.

If you are tired of flossing and if you find difficult to use dental floss every single day to keep your teeth healthy, we are presenting completely new alternative to dental floss and it is called water flossers! If it is misused, dental floss can get stuck between teeth, or to hurt your gums! If you want to try something else, something more safe to keep your teeth clean, water flossers are right choice for you.  Most dentists suggest flossing at least once per day, but for individuals who can not use dental floss because of vast holes between the teeth, water flossers are good alternative.

What is water flosser? It is a device that offers completely simple and original way to floss. It uses high pressure jet of water to clean your mouth and area between teeth and gums.

Water flossers is great way to reduce plaque and microscopic organisms from your teeth. You can use water flossers every day. Water flossers utilizes a flood of water to kill all the microbes between the teeth, above and underneath the gum line. Water empowers blood stream and it has great antibacterial impact on your mouth. People who use water flosser improve their gum and teeth health. Even people with braces can use water flosser.

If you have any question about water flossers, you can talk to your dentist for more information.