TMJ Home remedies

If you have temporomandibular joint disorder, don’t be depressed. You are not alone. Over 60 million people in U.S. only suffer from this disorder. Most important part is how to properly diagnose temporomandibular joint. First step is to consult your doctor and he or she will tell you what to check first.

Most common symptoms are:

– jaw clicking and popping,

– unable to open your mouth wide open,

– teeth grinding,

– pain in the ear or headaches…

Most efficient home remedies for TMJ

Cures for temporomandibular joint pain can be various – home remedies, supplements, diet plans, splints and mouth guards etc. Although there are not 100 percent efficient cure, pain related to TMJ can be minimised with those products. There are also many good researched guides for implementing right cures in everyday life.  Cures aren’t permanent and do not heal it forever, but it will help with dealing with pain and decreasing the tension made by TMJ. One  of the useful cures is wearing a mouth guard.

home remedies for tmj

Mouth guard is a plastic or silicone cover for teeth that prevent damaging the teeth during the night. One of the symptoms of TMJ is teeth grinding or clenching.  Also, very important thing is a good diet. You must not eat chewy and crunchy food because that make a lot of pressure on the jaw and muscles and it will worse and increase pain. You should choose a soft food, blended vegetables for example, rich with magnesium and calcium. This will relax the facial muscles  and release the pain. Also, drink a lot of water, 2 liters minimum for a day, to prevent dehydration because it can cause tightness of the face muscles which will increase pain. When yawning ,place your fist under the chin to prevent jaw locking or to be unable to close the jaw. Do not open your mouth too widely ,because that will cause pain and locking.

Home remedies for TMJ are very useful. Exercise with your jaw whenever you have time, put your fingers into mouth and massage the muscles. Hot and cold packs will help you to deal with the pain, it is useful cure that can help. If you are feeling a sharp pain, use cold packs. Soak towel into the cold water with ice and put on the jaw and muscles for a couple of minutes. Repeat this after an hour. But, if the pain is dull, it is better to use warm towels because it will increase blood circulation and that will relieve the muscle tightness. For more information, click here.
Good guide for this disorder is TMJ No More. It will help you to reduce stress, learn how to deal with pain and so much more.

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